Friday, November 26, 2010

"I felt so drained for not resting thru out a week. I'm so tired and exhausted. I'm dying halfway. I know i'm again back here, and not updating. I've not been going out hanging out, i'm all busy with work, with that boy, with this junk and that nonsense. I need to get some life. Thank god i'll be leaving singapore during december. Fuck yeah happy is me. Finally gonna be exposed to a different atmosphere, this life is sick over here. Tomorrow is gonna be my off day, finally taking a break. Anyway, 2 weeks ago did flb flea with my girls, it was really great. Wanna thank everyone who came down and support ;) And also, on the 23th.. I went out with the boy. We went to ice-skate, for the first time after being together for 23 months. Ha aftermath rushed all the way to Resort World for a performance there with my family.
After all for now, November is ending already. 2011 is nearing. I should start fearing now."

Ok will update this blog regularly. I'm fucking lazy though. Nights to cyberworld. *hugs*

Sunday, November 21, 2010

23th ♥

Hi to my sweetest and cutest boy, happy 23th monthsary. Time flies so fast, and I realised next month is gna be our 2nd year already. I would say, you're someone that I grew up with, someone that actually stands a really important role in my life, you're that someone that is able to make a smile on my face, you're that someone who is able to make me feel the best at times.
Despite many things had happened, we'll always be strong and stick the same alright baby? Never worry about anything else. We're gonna be like always :)

I love you so much, ever since 20th December 2008. Be the man that grows white hair with me? ;)