Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I miss that life i had when everything was great.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Things to be done!
  • Ikea trip, to get new lamps, furnitures, hangers and whatever.
  • Saving money plan!! Haha gna start soon.
  • Common test preparation~~ I'm so dead i've been sleeping in class for this two months.
  • V day belated gift, and monthsary anniversary gifts..
  • Babygirl's birthday gift
  • Paint my room, can I have it in polkadots daddy? haha
  • Get my new bag~
And yes!! Support me, http://lastbusride.livejournal.com/3513.html#cutid1! Korean basic apparels preorder launched!
I'm neeed more time, for everything. Cny this year is such a boreeeeeeeeee.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feeling so close for the first time.

It's cny, and I'm down with a flu and i'm having my period. How unlucky is this, and now I'm feeling so not well. I realised things changes so much when I'm starting to grow up. Everything feels like a burden, how I wished everyday could be perfect, but no one is perfect for everything.
After a few years, I finally went back to my paternal grandparents' side for cny. It wasn't happy at first, until everyone calmed down and have a proper dinner, we even went to visit other relatives together. This is the first time, I ever felt so close with one from the paternal side. I've never felt this way before. My valentine's day celebration was such a short one, I really wished I could have more time.
Well should I stop blogging? Since I've lost my blogging seeed, and thr's no much readers I guess.
Ok i'm done with this post, happy v day and cny to all! :)
And yes i've finally changed my layout again.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's day

Today it's the 13th, tomorrow shall be the 14th. 14th of Feb last year, was the most memorable day I ever had. I could still remember, we went to cine and then you got me a huge stuffed toy from there. You came with 20 fresh roses down to my house, I could still remember you piggyback me uphill all the way, till I reached mediacorp when I got to film. It's 2010, 1 year had passed. Time flies so fast, yet our love have always been the same. Despite all the ups and downs we've gone thru, we're still together like this. I love the way your eyes look at me, I love the way you smile at me, I love being in your arms, I love holding your hands tight, I love to poke and pinch your big fat cheeks, I love the way we kissed, I love everything about you and me, especially the way you love me. You love me enough for all my flaws, you love me for how spendthift I can get, you love me for how irritating I can be. Last year's valentine, I ever said this, You're gonna be the best, and the one and only valentine i ever gonna have. And it's true, I'm so lucky to have you. I love you so much my cheekyboy, Cyrus. Forever and always xoxo.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday Madness

Hi this space have been quite dead for some time huh? I'm finally here to update! Haha. School days are seriously tiring for me as.. for this week. I've went to changi in the middle of the night with mum to fetch daddy, went to town to shop for like a number of days. Haha.
On friday, went out with Chrystal out to town! We had candyfloss for free, and then we bought many accessories and then went over to Timah and then went home earlier.
Yesterday, went out to meeet Danielle! Had a great day with her, we went to town then little india for good and cheap food! :) Heh hehz. Pixx!

I had a great weekend, plus today I'm so gna meeet my cute boy! Yay I can't wait.
I hate my hair so much right now esp my fringe. Irritating much.
Ok gna start mugging hard! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hardest point of life

I just feel like blogging.
I'm tired of being weak like this, breaking down and down. I need a break from everything, and start drowning myself into something to distract me from every single sad part of me. This is life, I guess I just have to accept it. I've been with C for the past few days, he's the one who really gave me such a big hug at the hardest point of my life. He's going thru this together with me, be there with me. Love you so much babyboy. I've gave my fringe a chop, bangs again. Ok I shall be off to do my work. Heading to town with Chrystal Precious tomorrow, to get a happier mood. Ok buai :)

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